Rocket Yoga


I was trained by The Yoga People to teach Rocket Yoga. Larry Schultz, a proficient ashtanga yogi, developed Rocket Yoga in the 1980s and Jamie Clarke of The Yoga People was one of his first protégés in San Fransisco.

Larry Schultz
Larry Schultz

Rocket yoga routines are based around traditional ashtanga vinyasa primary and intermediate series. However these are modified in many ways to make it easier for the beginner and faster to progress for the more advanced students, hence the catchphrase by Larry Schultz “Rocket, because it gets you there faster”. As Rocket wakes up the nervous system and feeds prana into the body it will bring change and freedom into your practice.

Larry Schultz explains Rocket Yoga

Please see my classes page to find out when & where my Rocket Yoga classes are.

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